Bachelor of Information Technology

Required Education: Secondary.
Study Type
: University Studies.
Study Area: Technological Science.
Study field: Informatics Engineering.
Study Level: Bachelor.
State Code: 612E10009.
ISCED Code: 51148.
Awarded Degree: Bachelor of Informatics Engineering.
Awarded Education: Higher Undergraduate.
Study Form (duration): Full-time - workdays and daytime (4 years).
Credits: 240 ECTS.

Study program "Information Technology" and awarded degree "Bachelor of Informatics Engineering" is necessary for the design, development, installation, maintenance and improvement of various information technology and computer systems. A holder of the Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering acquires professional competences:

  • create, project, install and assess computer systems;
  • know and understand basic principles of informatics engineering, during design, implementation and development processes of various computer systems;
  • use the latest and modern information technologies;
  • efficiently and effectively exploits technical equipment as well as software of computer systems;
  • understand basic factors of business environment - marketing, finances and evaluation of investments;
  • have capabilities in communicative, logical and systemic thinking, formalizing and other transferable skills;
  • prepare for Master's degree studies.
The following subjects will be studied in the base of Informatics Engineering program:
  • Computer architecture, peripheral equipment and its management;
  • Database theory, design, implementation and development technologies;
  • Database management systems and its administration;
  • Computer network planning and management;
  • Operating System Windows, Linux/Unix and etc.;
  • Programming Languages C++, Java, Visual Basic and etc.;
  • Internet technologies and its application: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, CSS, XML/XSLT/XPATH and other;
  • E-Business Principles and Technologies;
  • Multimedia development and appliance.

Studies completed with the Bachelor's thesis. Student can freely choose the type (research, analytical or project) and topic of  Bachelor's thesis.