Researchers, lecturers and other staff of Department do various works under contract in information technology (IT) field.

By customer request we can perform a variety of objective IT researches and other IT works:
• development of algorithms for various purposes, analysis, testing, optimization,
• software development, analysis, selection, testing,
• hardware analysis, selection, testing,
• server installation, software selection, testing and maintenance,
• local computer network (LAN) installation, testing and maintenance,
• other IT research and work under the agreement.

By customer request we can organize training courses in the IT field:
• working with a computer and Internet services,
• working with operating systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.),
• working with certain software (text editors, graphic editors, spreadsheet, etc.),
• programming (C/C+ +, Java, HTML, XML, PHP, Omnis Studio, Visual Basic, MATLAB, etc.),
• web site development,
• creation of databases,
• computer networks and their technology,
• other IT courses under the agreement.