Information Technology

Study programme of Information Technologies is appointed to prepare a universal profile bachelors in Informatics Engineering field. The study programme specializing in administration of various information systems.

Informatics Engineering

The study program is appointed for the bachelors of Informatics Engineering (or similar), who are seeking to improve their knowledge in informatics engineering and information technology research field. The study program provides master's degree of Informatics Engineering. After master's studies, students have the opportunity to continue the doctoral studies and obtained the doctor's degree.

ERASMUS Exchange Program

Department of Information Technology is very active in the Erasmus exchange program. In 2012 one lecturer of Department got Certificate of Gratitude from Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science for active participation in the Erasmus program.
Department offer many courses for Exchange Students in English. The courses are taught in both the Fall and Spring semesters, so students are free to choose the desired courses.